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This year’s 2.007 robot competition is the climax of the 2016 MechE Innovation Day. The day begins at 12pm with the de Florez Award Competition, a showcase of student science and design projects. $20,000 in prizes will be awarded to MIT MechE students demonstrating outstanding ingenuity and creative judgment in mechanical engineering knowledge or practice. 

MechE Innovation Day culminates with the 2.007 Final Robot Competition, starting at 6:30pm. This year, student-built robots will journey back to the 18th century to compete on a course inspired by the American Revolution. Students earn points when their robots throw tea bags into the Boston Harbor, place lanterns in the North Church and take a midnight ride across the Old North Bridge to warn of British soldiers, and hide cannonballs in Concord.


Robot Competition spectators will also enjoy perusing the adjacent Engineering Petting Zoo, featuring the No. 22 NASCAR show car, MIT’s Formula SAE race car, MechE student research projects, MechE Professor Sangbae Kim’s humanoid robot HERMES, Minutemen soldiers, and more!

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